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When we can use our [hands]; for beauty; it's is a [wonderful] thing. To [craft], to [heal]; to grow. We talk to the butchers, the bakers and [candlestick] makers; the [creators]; doing something just a little bit [special]; to make our [world] just a little bit better. 


We'd like you to meet a very good [friend] of ours. Introducing the lovely Emma Sadie Thomson.

Having grown up with a passion for [flora] and an ever developing green thumb; Emma has now [grown] something else of her very own; [EST]. EST helps by providing nature to blank spaces [in] [need] and designing a range of plant based homewares suitable for every plant [lover]. 

Because all that we want is [simply] to be more like her; we asked for Emma's help.

 Emma's Top 5 Tips; For [Getting] [Some] [Green] In Your Own Home.

  1. Find a nice vessel for your plant; this can be a great pot, or we love using different ceramic dishes as planters. Also try planting in clusters and adding different heights - you can achieve this with plant stands or hanging baskets.

  2. Air plants are really nice and low maintenance. They need to be misted every few days - we also soak ours once a week for around half an hour to keep them well hydrated.

  3. House plants not only look great in your space but they also purify and remove toxins from the air. We don't usually have a general rule for indoor house plants, but one thing we do suggest is to give your plants a soak once a week – we do this in the bath – rather than just pouring a little bit of water on the top soil. We like to stick our finger in the soil and if the top 5–10cm are dry then they need a soak. Air flow is also important, so open the windows every week or take them outside to get some fresh air - this will also help to avoid fungus etc.

  4. Succulents and cacti are low maintenance; they prefer a sunny position and you are more likely to kill these from overwatering rather then underwatering, so we suggest a little water every 8-9 days.

  5. Some indoor plant suggestions to start with are: Devil's Ivy, Rubber Plant, Snake Plant, Peperomia, Chinese Evergreen, Weeping Fig - just to name a few, but we love experimenting with different plants indoors. Just be mindful if you are using plants that are typically for outdoors that they may require more maintenance, and you may need to rotate them between indoors and outdoors.[ALL] [IMG] [VIA] @emmasadiethomson
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[WORDS];; Stephanie Dugan