A dream; but for [real]. A scene to [make] you [feel]. Way down in your stomach; in your [head] and [shoulders]; [knees] and [toes].The [ears] and [eyes] compete but the [heart] [wins]. Follow it; to the [light] of the [sun] & way into the [night]. Lay your [burdens] down; let the [music] make it right. 

Yeah baby. It's [COACHELLA] time. If you weren't there last weekend and you're not going this weekend, we're very [sorry]. But neither are we. All either of us can do is [dream], stream and hear about it from someone who knows. LA resident, blogger and [Coachella] [veteran] Kendall Sargeant tell us [QUICK] [FAST] what we need to know.

[IMG]; KNDL by Ted Emmons for [W] [MAGAZINE] 


TF: If [Coachella] were an animal, what would it be and [why]?

KNDL: A caterpillar into a butterfly because it’s weird and wonderful.

The [worst] [trend] at Coachella 2016?

Psychedelic. It’s not a circus it’s a music festival!

The [wildest] ever Coachella [performance] experience? 

I stood on top of a trash can dancing to AC/DC last year. The set finished and I was still dancing. My boyfriend had to carry me over his shoulder to the next set. I just like live music.

Your [rough] and [tumble], go-to [festival] get up?

Slip dress, boots and always a layer for later. This year it was a vintage suede fringed jacket. Keep it lightweight in the AM and heavyweight in the PM.

How to [cure] post [Coachella] depression?

You go again for weekend two ;) 


Well that's it. You heard it straight from the horse's mouth. For more of KNDL you can follow her. For more Coachella you can follow us on Spotify.

To shop? You know what to do. 

Words: Stephanie Dugan 



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