Chase paradise; because [baby] you deserve it. Lord knows [LEE][BABY] does. Real name; Leanne; real life blogger [&] [THE][FIFTH][LABEL] fan. We were [strangers]; now we're [friends]. [LEE][BABY] spills [QUICK][FAST]; in the shortest [D]&[M] that ever did live. 


[TF] What’s [your] paradise? 

[LEE][BABY] London! Who doesn’t love being constantly surrounded by the best fashion, art and culture.

[2016] must-have trend… 

Absolutely the necktie. Take those choker looks to the next level!

[THE] [FIFTH] [LABEL] loves you; how do you feel?

I love The Fifth Label! But who wouldn’t? They’ve got your street style back and make a mean playsuit.

Advice for [aspiring]; [street] [stylers]?

My number one advice is not to be scared of looking different. You are unique, let your street style resonate with that. Also it’s all about you! Find what feels amazing and looks damn hot and the rest will take care of itself.

[TRUE] or [FALSE]; nobody puts [LEEBABY] in a corner?

Absolutely true! Because who doesn’t love a bit of Dirty Dancing?


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[WORDS]; Stephanie Dugan

[GRAPHICS]; Serrin Ainslie


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