[IT] [GIRL]; She's Got The Look.

Perfectly [tousled], her messy bangs [just] [barely] brush the top of her eyelids. Her effortless, inner [harmony] radiates out; affecting passers by. A [smile] escapes her [symmetrical] [lips]; stopping hearts and changing lives; all at once. At [home] behind the [camera]; it hangs around her neck, close to her [heart]. But what happens when she steps out from behind the [lens]? That's magic. The bright flash captures the [harsh] [angles] of her face, making her somehow even more approachable than before. All made up; like a beautiful [stranger] you met in a [past] [life]. Transfixing in her [transformation]

At the end of the day, she's [just] a girl; heading home to eat [ramen] [noodles] on the [floor] of her unfurnished, one bedroom apartment with her friend, Gavin; [the] [cat]. She might be [just] [a] [girl]; but we'd still [trade] our first born to be [her]; [just] for a day.

She's the [it] girl. 


She's got the [look], we've [got] [it] too.



[WORDS]; Stephanie Dugan

[GRAPHICS]; Serrin Ainslie



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