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If you don't already know, Ryan Kenny is an Australian photographer born in Adelaide, currently working out of Sydney. His work, much like the man himself, is pretty honest & raw. If we were to liken him to anything it would be a rare bird sitting in his neighbour's jacuzzi, writing the script to a movie in his head, while recounting the last five lines of your favourite soap opera; a disgustingly creative yet slightly exotic gent, but a true gent none-the-less. We decided to check in with him for the first of many high-five-low-five-fast-five's & the rest of this is what came about;

TF: What do you look like right now?

RK: A real dreamboat. I've got custard tart crumbs on my jumper. Adelaide crows beanie over my eyebrows. Sorry, no selfie - imagination is sexier.

TF: When I say past - future, you say?

RK: Past - I say, "I could of done that better." Future — I say, "I should probably do that better."

Alright, when I say wish-dinner, what do you say?
TF: Wish - I say, "bone." Dinner - I say, "self saucing chocolate pudding."
TF: If you had the chance to go to an alien planet, but you couldn’t come back, would you?

RK: Like those loops going to Mars? I would of in school, but now I think I'll find happiness on this planet. Will they have funerals before they go? And will they attend their own funeral? It blows my mind.
TF: What song would bring you back from a coma?


If you want to look a little deeper at Ryan's body of work, have a gander at his Instagram or personal website.