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Recently the lovely Suzy Wootton had the misfortune of being trapped in a car with us for forty five minutes as we made our way out to the General Pants X The Fifth Label shoot location. Naturally we utilised this time by poking, prodding & asking her all the pivotal questions of our modern time; laughter & stern looks were exchanged, but overall everyone did A-OKAY. Here's how it went, play by play;

TF: What do you look like right now?


TF: It's a post apocalyptic society; where would you live?

SW: New York City. I'll change houses every night.

 TF: Would you eat someone to survive? 

SW: Are they already dead? I wouldn't be able to kill them. Last resort, maybe I would eat them. 

TF: What was your pride & joy as a child?

 SW: A blanket, & a mean as Spice Girls outfit. The pants tore, but I still wore them anyway.

 TF: What song would you have playing in the background as you confess your undying love for that special someone? We're talking boom box over the head, rain pouring from the skies with a single ray of sunshine hitting your quivering, upper lip.


Coolio - Gangster's Paradise

TF: We have ample time so we're adding a special self indulgent bonus question; can you draw a portrait of me?


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