Emilia Skuza is an established model, fashion advocate via her self-initiated project Notre Lame, & heart warmingly a firm supporter of little, old us ever since we were but knee him to grasshopper. She's a renaissance woman with a modern sense of humility, & really what isn't there to like about that, or her? In between bouts of saving puppies, feeding the needy, ticking boxes & kissing babies we shot Emilia a few little in stature but large in sincerity questions, & so became our latest serving of high-five-low-five-fast-five, tuck in;


TF: What do you look like right now?

ES: I’m currently in workout clothes, so naturally I look a little frightened and a little ashamed.

TF: First [3] words on your mind?

ES: Alien's exist. Stroopwafels.

TF: What animal star plays you in the movie of your life?

ES: Grumpy Cat

TF: What was the last thing you broke?

ES: My brother-in-law’s $300 knife [I was trying to open a coconut].

TF: [3] songs on you childhood, family road trip sound track?

ES: We didn’t really road trip, but my sister and I spent a lot of time performing dances in the living room to our obliging parents and it was ALWAYS to;

Press [here] or [here] to flick the switch on an Emilia rendition of The Truman Show. Bzzz.

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