[CUSTOMISE] [THIS]; [QUICK] [FAST] w. Sarah Darby

You've either got [it]; or you [don't]. If you're talking [fashion] illustration & customisation; [SARAH] [DARBY]; well she's got it. We got [chin] [wagging] with the artist [QUICK] [FAST] ahead of our [COLLAB] at [VFNO].

[TFL] Today I'm looking [forward] to…

[Sarah] Summer! I definitely saw some sunshine today, so bring on summer please.

If I wasn't [illustrating]; I'd be?

Back in my old job in marketing. I can't go back now though! I don't own any work appropriate clothing. I have a full double denim work wardrobe now.

Something [most] people don't know about me...

I have lived in some awesome places before moving to Melbourne. Bangladesh, Zambia, London & Paris.

Tricks or tips for [DENIM] [DIY]?

Go to a charity shop and buy up denim before you go nuts on your favourite jeans. Plus if you are painting, put a layer of white down first to make the colour pop.

The Fifth Denim is [dope] because…

The washes are awesome and I know I'm going to be in the frayed, cropped mid -rise all summer. 


Stay tuned; [The Fifth Denim] is available for early release [next] [week].

Visit us [&] [SARAH] [DARBY] at [VFNO] for a [DIY]-[ING] good time. 


[WORDS]; Stephanie Dugan

[IMGZ]; Sarah Clifford Photography

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