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It’s your [favourite]. But why? What is it; that makes your [heart] [sink] in your stomach when you have to put it through the wash. That [separation] [anxiety]; so great; you’d rather go [nude] than wear something else. The way it [cinches] and lifts? The gentle [swish] against your skin? Maybe the hem falls just; [exactly]; at the perfect length.

Whatever it is; there’s a [genius] behind the scenes who made it all possible. Just for [you].

[MEET] [JENNY]. We call her our [GARMENT] love [&] care [TECH]. She’s going to tell us a bit about what she does [QUICK] [FAST].

[TFL] I start my morning with …

[JENNY] Coffee. 

What makes [TFL] feel so damn good to wear?

The awesome fit of course! 

Something most people [don’t] [know] about my job is…

If your wearing something from The Fifth I've seen it from the very beginning, fit it at least four times and approved it to be sent out into the world.

My favourite piece from [THREEFOLD] is…

Studio Jumper and Skirt in stone marle.


I love the lookbook photo! It looks so fabulous together. 

[5 things] you do every day?

Lose my measuring tape. 

Work on at least three different ranges. 


Eat chocolate (sugar free these days. Zoey's on a health kick).

Realise I have masking tape on myself... 

Get yourself a [piece] of the [magic]; SHOP [THREEFOLD]

[WORDS]; Stephanie Dugan

[PHOTOGRAPHY]; Sebastian Paynter