A good [week] is only complete; with good [beats]. Old; new [&] in-between; here's what we've been spinning in our [discmans].


[GLASS] [ANIMALS]; How To Be A Human Being

[SOUNDS] [LIKE]; [Flume] and [Tame Impala] had a baby.

[LISTEN] [WHEN]; You're feeling [saucy].

[BEST] [LYRIC]; "My girl eats mayonaise from the jar while she's getting blazed." - Season 2 Episode 3

[SZA]; Z

[SOUNDS] [LIKE]; The [inside] of someones [soul].

[LISTEN] [WHEN]; You're [burning] a [candle].

[BEST] [LYRIC]; "Stuck in Nintendo, you're the controller." - Childs Play

[THE] [CLASH]; London Calling

[SOUNDS] [LIKE]; [Rebellion].

[LISTEN] [WHEN]; You've just said [no]; to plans you [really] didn't want to keep.

[BEST] [LYRIC]; "I went to the market to realise my soul; 'cause what I need I just don't have." - Rudie Can't Fail

[THE] [PREATURES]; Blue Planet Eyes

[SOUNDS] [LIKE]; The [sun] coming out; from behind the [clouds].

[LISTEN] [WHEN]; You're on a [road] [trip].

[BEST] [LYRIC]; "What you’re doing is a big mistake, babe. You keep talking and I won’t wait."- Cruel

[LISTEN] [WELL] [ALWAYS]; [thefifthlabel] on Spotify.

[WORDS]; Stephanie Dugan

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