It begins with a journey; new or [familiar]. Friends; lovers; strangers [alike]. A common cause; one single destination. With distance no question; or challenge. The road [travelled] brings you closer, to the joy.

You wake with the beating sun; on the roof of your [four] [person] tent; built for two. With nothing to do but wait. For the sound makers [&] the soul shakers. For the [heroes] of your heart. The [keepers] of secrets; of deep [dark] desires. The [voice] raisers [&] [quiet] confidants. Your [favourite] band.

[Splendour]. When the [real] world stops; to make way for a whole [new] world. When it's not about what you [wear]. It's about how [many] [times] you wear it and whether you can fall [asleep] in it. If you can get dressed and know you [look] [good]; without a mirror, [without] a [care]. 




[WORDS]; Stephanie Dugan

[GRAPHICS]; Emmaline Zanelli

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