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Emilia Skuza is an established model, fashion advocate via her self-initiated project Notre Lame, & heart warmingly a firm supporter of little, old us ever since we were but knee him to grasshopper. She's a renaissance woman with a modern sense of humility, & really what isn't there to like about that, or her? In between bouts of saving puppies, feeding the needy, ticking boxes & kissing babies we shot Emilia a few little in stature but large in sincerity questions, & so became our latest serving of high-five-low-five-fast-five, tuck in;


TF: What do you look like right now?

ES: I’m currently in workout clothes, so naturally I look a little frightened and a little ashamed.

TF: First [3] words on your mind?

ES: Alien's exist. Stroopwafels.

TF: What animal star plays you in the movie of your life?

ES: Grumpy Cat

TF: What was the last thing you broke?

ES: My brother-in-law’s $300 knife [I was trying to open a coconut].

TF: [3] songs on you childhood, family road trip sound track?

ES: We didn’t really road trip, but my sister and I spent a lot of time performing dances in the living room to our obliging parents and it was ALWAYS to;

Press [here] or [here] to flick the switch on an Emilia rendition of The Truman Show. Bzzz.


If you don't already know, Ryan Kenny is an Australian photographer born in Adelaide, currently working out of Sydney. His work, much like the man himself, is pretty honest & raw. If we were to liken him to anything it would be a rare bird sitting in his neighbour's jacuzzi, writing the script to a movie in his head, while recounting the last five lines of your favourite soap opera; a disgustingly creative yet slightly exotic gent, but a true gent none-the-less. We decided to check in with him for the first of many high-five-low-five-fast-five's & the rest of this is what came about;

TF: What do you look like right now?

RK: A real dreamboat. I've got custard tart crumbs on my jumper. Adelaide crows beanie over my eyebrows. Sorry, no selfie - imagination is sexier.

TF: When I say past - future, you say?

RK: Past - I say, "I could of done that better." Future — I say, "I should probably do that better."

Alright, when I say wish-dinner, what do you say?
TF: Wish - I say, "bone." Dinner - I say, "self saucing chocolate pudding."
TF: If you had the chance to go to an alien planet, but you couldn’t come back, would you?

RK: Like those loops going to Mars? I would of in school, but now I think I'll find happiness on this planet. Will they have funerals before they go? And will they attend their own funeral? It blows my mind.
TF: What song would bring you back from a coma?


If you want to look a little deeper at Ryan's body of work, have a gander at his Instagram or personal website.


Sabrina Sterk? Ahh, where do we start? First & foremost she is an Australian based model, muse, & all-round nice individual to be in the presence of; a regular, irregular itchy foot nomad who has amassed quite a bit of everything in her twenty years on earth. Now, we'll be the first to say that Sabrina emits a little ray of sunshine into the sometimes a little Goosebump-esque world we live in, so we decided to bottle some of those apple candied good times & give you a look at what she had to say about high-five-low-five-fast-five;


For those left wondering [or you just want something Nat Geo bejazzled], you can find Sabrina here as she makes her way through the 365 [sometimes 6] year spins.


Recently the lovely Suzy Wootton had the misfortune of being trapped in a car with us for forty five minutes as we made our way out to the General Pants X The Fifth Label shoot location. Naturally we utilised this time by poking, prodding & asking her all the pivotal questions of our modern time; laughter & stern looks were exchanged, but overall everyone did A-OKAY. Here's how it went, play by play;

TF: What do you look like right now?


TF: It's a post apocalyptic society; where would you live?

SW: New York City. I'll change houses every night.

 TF: Would you eat someone to survive? 

SW: Are they already dead? I wouldn't be able to kill them. Last resort, maybe I would eat them. 

TF: What was your pride & joy as a child?

 SW: A blanket, & a mean as Spice Girls outfit. The pants tore, but I still wore them anyway.

 TF: What song would you have playing in the background as you confess your undying love for that special someone? We're talking boom box over the head, rain pouring from the skies with a single ray of sunshine hitting your quivering, upper lip.


Coolio - Gangster's Paradise

TF: We have ample time so we're adding a special self indulgent bonus question; can you draw a portrait of me?


If you want to see the rest of the ensuing shoot, [click here]  if you want to see what Suzy is up to, [click here].