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A good [week] is only complete; with good [beats]. Old; new [&] in-between; here's what we've been spinning in our [discmans].


[GLASS] [ANIMALS]; How To Be A Human Being

[SOUNDS] [LIKE]; [Flume] and [Tame Impala] had a baby.

[LISTEN] [WHEN]; You're feeling [saucy].

[BEST] [LYRIC]; "My girl eats mayonaise from the jar while she's getting blazed." - Season 2 Episode 3

[SZA]; Z

[SOUNDS] [LIKE]; The [inside] of someones [soul].

[LISTEN] [WHEN]; You're [burning] a [candle].

[BEST] [LYRIC]; "Stuck in Nintendo, you're the controller." - Childs Play

[THE] [CLASH]; London Calling

[SOUNDS] [LIKE]; [Rebellion].

[LISTEN] [WHEN]; You've just said [no]; to plans you [really] didn't want to keep.

[BEST] [LYRIC]; "I went to the market to realise my soul; 'cause what I need I just don't have." - Rudie Can't Fail

[THE] [PREATURES]; Blue Planet Eyes

[SOUNDS] [LIKE]; The [sun] coming out; from behind the [clouds].

[LISTEN] [WHEN]; You're on a [road] [trip].

[BEST] [LYRIC]; "What you’re doing is a big mistake, babe. You keep talking and I won’t wait."- Cruel

[LISTEN] [WELL] [ALWAYS]; [thefifthlabel] on Spotify.

[WORDS]; Stephanie Dugan


[MEET] [ZOEY]. She our [DESIGNER], inspiration [MAKER] and epitome of what the [TFL] girl is; no fuss, easy to laugh [&] a creative [SOUL]Zoey tells us a bit about what she does [QUICK] [FAST].

[TFL] What is [TFL] to you?

[ZOEY] My everyday outfit, a second home and a team of people I love working with. 

My favourite piece from [OFF THE GRID] is…

The Lights Out Jacket.


I’ve been living in it in the cold weather! 

[5 things] you do on [shoot] day?

Prepare snacks…eat snacks, help style looks and select images and get to know the model. 

When I’m not [designing] I’m…

Looking for inspiration, taking my dog to the beach with my housemate, catching up with family and friends and sleeping. 

How do you end your day?

Usually in my dressing gown on the couch…glamour! 

Experience [it] for [yourself]; SHOP [OFF THE GRID].

[WORDS]; Lucy Ahern

[IMAGES]; @zoeyvink


Everyone sees the [finished] product. But it's the [process] which intrigues us most. The angles; the flash; the [people]

Take a [peek]. We shot our January collection with [SUZY] [WOO] this week. She's pretty [cool]; we guess.


Until then; shop our current collection [THREE] [FOLD] available online now.

[WORDS]; Stephanie Dugan

[IMG]; Isabella Iasensario 

The [Best] Things In Life Are; [THREEFOLD]

Our new [collection] is here to remind us; that where there is one, two will follow closely, with [three] at it's heels. That being the [third] wheel is always in [style] - and that everything is just better [THREEFOLD]

This means; we're giving you [3x] the trends; at your very [fingertips].  


Not the [zebra] kind. Wear them [here]; wear them [there].

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Blend in; stand [out].  

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All [denim]; all [day]; all [night]. 

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[WORDS]; Stephanie Dugan

[GRAPHICS]; Serrin Ainslie